Friday, April 3, 2009

Turkey in the sky - and an April's Fool + 2 days

OK, what is going on here? Sure enough not an April Fool's joke, but maybe April Fool's + Two Days indeed to wake up with an inch of snow on the ground. Again!!?? My wife told me she would remove the wreath on our front door finally, but not until we stopped getting snow! That wreath does look nice there..... Ha!

In other news, today marked my first 2009 Snoqualmie Valley sighting of a Turkey Vulture soaring over the West Snoqualmie Valley Road. I've seen them as early as mid-March before but typically it is into April when I start seeing them. So at least something seems to be "on time" in this 2009 spring season we've had! This lone vulture was sure looking lazy and happy as it roamed over the fields of the valley. Soon I'll see groups of 7-12 of them at a time circling in the warm spring updraft winds! To some they are ugly birds, but nature's clean up crew are amazing Turkeys in the sky!
(photos: April Fool's + 2 days daffodil in yard; Turkey Vultures in the Snoqualmie Valley)

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