Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring at the Washington State capitol

It got a late start but spring is finally showing off at our state capitol in Olympia. Finally after a few tries over the past years I timed a visit there for when the cherry trees were in full bloom. Victory! The grounds in the courtyard between the Legislative Building (aka capitol come building) and the buildings of the House and Senate were also finely landscaped with literally thousands of daffodils. Other areas to the NE of the Legislative Building had rows of tulips that were just emerging and would offer fine photography opportunities in another week or two in the morning hours.

After well over an hour photographing around the courtyard I did my typical visit to interiors of buildings and also used more time than previous visits in the Temple of Justice where the State Supreme Court resides. Something about that building really draws me. Maybe it is because there is hardly anyone in there compared to the zoo that is happening under the capitol dome outside of the legislature rooms!

(photos: Washington State capitol in spring; interior of where the House Reps meet; interior areas of the Temple of Justice)


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  2. Bravo! Job well done my friend! I must agree that the daffodils are at absolute peak right now. Excellent job at capturing them!

  3. Hey Don, thanks and I hope you get back down there to nail more images of these things without the distraction of kids falling off things!