Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photographing pipes...pipe organs that is

Many of you might recall my involvement in photographing all of the historically significant pipe organs in the Puget Sound region for the Organ Historical Society's 2008 National Convention which was held in Seattle. My enjoyment of this project simply keeps growing as now I get to see my images used throughout the CD being made of the music from that convention. Having not been in town to go to the convention myself last summer, this will be a wonderful product for me to finally get to hear the stunning music the organists pumped through these pipes! Organists from around the world were in town for this event.

This summer's convention is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area. But there is another local event happening and I too am working on that program, hopes will have it. I'll know here shortly. If you wonder where some of these organs are located I'd be happy to share!

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