Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking out of season

It can be downright humorous sometimes as a photographer to have to think so far out of season in efforts to photograph subjects that won't be possible to use for stock sale until the next year. Enjoying photos of spring things? Don't think about using them for photo sales until next fall/winter for spring 2010! This came to light recently as I realized it was time to do my annual presentation of Christmas in Seattle theme images for an annual photo client, University Volkswagen and Audi, and their holiday desktop calendar they make for staff and clients each year using my art as the cover photo. Huh? It's spring for crying out loud and I"m thinking about Christmas!!!??? But that is the fun of things too - it allows me to enjoy thoughts of ALL holiday times of the year, all year long to some degree. So while I'm busy researching Christmas photography for a client...on the first days of April, I hope everyone has a nice April coming up soon!

(photo: 2009 desktop calendar for University Volkswagen & Audi with huge 16x24" photo of mine from the Seattle Center on the cover)

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