Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Photo of the Day: 01/22/2008 - Crossing the road to nowhere?

Flashback Photo of the Day: 01/22/2008 – After I had been photographing the amazing ice jam details in the Yakima River for almost 45 minutes in the -2* temperatures I headed back along the river/road area to where I had left my truck parked off the road. It was crossing the road here to get back into the truck that the view right on up the road in the Yakima Canyon seemed so surreal to me. I kept on walking, got in the truck, and then realized I had another photo I wanted. This was the image I shot…after letting a passing farm truck of hay pass by first of course! But traffic is light in the canyon on cold January mornings.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flashback Photo of the Day: 01/22/2008 - Returning early morning from a previous night's presentation in Yakima I headed back to Ellensburg like usual via Canyon Road through the Yakima Canyon. Extremely cold weather the previous week had left miles of massive ice jams on the scenic Yakima River offering me photographic opportunities never seen before in this, my favorite canyon drive in Washington State! (second photo: remaining ice after the warm-up broke up the river - this ice was pushed up high on river banks )

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remembering my most dramatic sunrise

Flashback Photo of the Day: 12/30/2003 – Another winter highlight and likely still the most dramatic sunrise I’ve ever photographed. I have my early-rising daughter to thank for even having a chance to see this across Case Inlet in the South Puget Sound, a sunrise shadow of Mount Rainier being cast UNDER the clouds which were on fire at the moment. The crater flat top of The Mountain is even visible in the shadow being cast!

The shadowing effect lasted about three minutes total, which was simply a stellar day in my life to remember and I'm so fortunate I was able to photograph it to not forget how dramatic it really was!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First photo of the year

So today I woke up and after not having as much photography in 2010 behind me, looked to use his camera at least once on today, the first day of 2011. Result of my first photograph taken in 2011 this morning....a lovely native Douglas Squirrel enjoying some seeds in early sun to warm up in after an 18° night. A great way to start off a year seeing a creature appear so happy in the territory we share!