Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just one photograph....

So yesterday I departed for what was long ago planned to be a 4+ day photography road trip to photograph many things in the Ochoco/John Day Highlands, with the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument being the key here. Long story short I'm back not 18 hours after leaving, many hundreds of miles driven, due to a family emergency. Alas, that is what can happen to the best laid out plans sometimes! I planned the details of this trip for the better part of 5 weeks! Leaving early this morning to get back to the home fort, I did pull off the highway climbing out of the Columbia River Gorge toward Goldendale...the wildflowers in the eastern gorge desert climates are stunning and totally prime right now. Don't believe me? Just look at the ONE image I took on the hundreds of miles driven trip that was 4+ days cut short. Shot out my truck window none-the-less, from the shoulder of the road near Dalles Mountain Road.

I promised myself a return next May to retry this again - I know first week of May always treats me right for these!

1 comment:

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