Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Race of the Outhouses

I’ve just returned from a short venture to one of my favorite areas of our state – the Okanogan Highlands. West of the Okanogan River Valley 17 miles tucked away in the high hills lies the small community of Conconully, population 190. This area, while low on population size, isn’t low on the reasons to visit! Conconully State Park resides right at the edge of town and Conconully Lake is gorgeous. However on this visit the lake was frozen over solid as I was visiting on Saturday for a different reason – the Annual Conconully Outhouse Races! This year marks the 26th annual running of the outhouses down Main Street in town. So grab your helmet, get two friends to push, and don’t forget your toilet paper or you’ll be disqualified!

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  1. Hi Alan, I saw you on AM Northwest. Excellent work!