Monday, January 12, 2009

The departure of high waters in The Valley

It feels somewhat relaxing to see the Snoqualmie River back down again, looking innocently peaceful and now hard to fathom how water could have filled that much of a void above the current river levels. Amazing! OK, it's time to start putting the weather behind me and get busy searching for wonderful things in the natural world to learn about and photograph -- time to head out and find the Trumpeter Swans again and search for a reported small flock of Snow Geese in the lower Snoqualmie Valley and also down by the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge!
(photos top to bottom: (1)SR 202 late Wednesday as river approached crest of flood event; (2)Alderra Field aftermath - play ball anyone?; (3)Neal Road heading toward Fall City Farms; (4)Fishing anyone? WDFW public boat launch area near confluence of Raging/Snoqualmie Rivers

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