Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heading to Yakima

One of my favorite winter visits east of the Cascades begins tomorrow as I head toward Yakima for what has been for three years now an annual presentation for The Cascadians. What a fun group of people to go and see each January! While I'm going to give a talk on the fun hiding in my book Day Hiking-Mount Rainier, I always enjoy this presentation journey even more as I add photography hunting into the mix driving there and back. Of course somewhere in there is a drive through what has to be one of my favorite roads in Washington State - the Yakima Canyon.

Hopefully this year I'll enjoy the luck of a clear cold morning like these images from last year to make me do the happy photographer dance to yet again!

(photos: ice jam in the Yakima River near Roza Creek; lonely Canyon Road through the Yakima Canyon)