Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photo-cruising through the Kittitas Valley

My recent trip to the Yakima Valley area reminded me how much I appreciate and love photographing in another eastern valley - the lovely Kittitas Valley. Stretching from Thorp, through Ellensburg, and out east past Kittitas as it climbs toward the Boylston Mountain areas and Ryegrass Hill and Whiskey Dick Mountain, this fertile valley is a wealth of agricultural and wildlife photography. I'm eager to return this spring to catch all of my favorite special roads and locations that I have discovered through years of aimlessly roaming the back roads - and the views be across lush newly greened fields! But I did take a couple of extra hours to roam through a few of the areas I visit every time I'm in the area to check on them for my spring visit. Can't wait to return!

(photos: old weathered barn and Mount Stuart; elk herd in Thorp Prairie)