Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun visiting a grocery store

OK, so I might not be the most excited person in the world to head off to take a tour of a grocery store. But that is exactly what I did a few days ago, and I even took a tour group that consisted of my visiting parents along with me! Just over a month ago a newly renovated and enhanced supermarket opened up on Snoqualmie Ridge, The Ridge Supermarket. Owner Tyler Myers has done a wonderful job getting this store up and going for the ever growing population of Snoqualmie Ridge to have in their community. We worked together last fall to get local Snoqualmie Valley image work built in as part of the signage in the store and thus it was my turn to "show it off" a bit to my parents over the New Year holiday! We hope to bring updates to the signage with photos of local community events and people in the store as 2009 passes. So check back later this year to see what surprises might be waiting at The Ridge Supermarket. For now, my Mom really loved the one of the old Snoqualmie Schoolhouse a lot, but in true fashion she also stated, "But I really enjoyed them all!". (photos: The produce and deli areas of the Ridge Market...and a few of my photographs ranging from 4x6' up to 5x7' in size)

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