Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shooting into the sun

I've always really enjoyed photography with the results I get by shooting into the sun. Sure, it can be distracting with a lot of flare in the image - but I'm not talking about direct sunlight here. You need to be really careful about when and how you decide to do it! Having part of the sun mostly hidden behind an object (ie. tree, mountain, etc...) and shooting with a closed aperture like f/22 and you get the nice star-burst effect. Yesterday showed another reason I enjoy challenging myself shooting into the sun - "crummy foggy days" are great opportunities! The valley gets this a lot of course near the Snoqualmie River and yesterday morning was a nice drive to check out a few local areas while having to go get eggs at the market. I love a good excuse to take an extra 20 minutes to buy eggs or milk! The sun can appear like the moon almost in the foggy morning sunrise....I love it. Give it a try!

(photos top-to-bottom: foggy 'moon-like' look of the sun at sunrise; previous sunrise "into-the-sun" shots from last winter's deep snow and cold)

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