Monday, March 30, 2009

A day on the beach

The quiet of being away for a few days at the beach, a beach on Puget Sound in this case and not "the ocean". But it brings all the joys of a restful break from the schedule of feeling like too many things need to be attended to. What better way to show the pace of how our days went than with an image showing the frantic pace of....agate hunting. Slow, slow wandering during low tides on the rocky beach, for hours. That is a pace we all need to appreciate life sometimes! And, when you get the sun to come out just after the rocks were wet? Agates can be spotted 30' away - just ask my son, the family professional agate finder.

Oh, and there were plenty of frantic moments to photograph birds as usual also :)

Back to normal schedule for the week hoping spring might actually bring blooming cherry trees and blooming bulbs FINALLY soon!
(photos top-to-bottom: agate in hand of a child; agate popping out of the scene of rocks on beach; Barrow's Goldeneye couple swimming by; Bald Eagle fly-overs captured by pure luck...and paying attention to what was passing by me!)

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