Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bring on October

Welcome to October! Ah, finally, the month long having been on my radar screen as "the month I'll be very busy!" is here! October brings with it annual things of nature that I appreciate and never tire of photographing. Stellar golden larch trees in the high country await my hopeful visits in the coming two weeks, and maybe another crimson red ridge roam through huckleberry meadows. Throw in birthdays happening, other family events, and it's already a full slate! What is bringing October into the "busy and even more fun" stage is a long list of program presentations that I have scheduled to start off my fall-spring busy time doing presentations. I'm eager to get started in particular with a new set of programs which is being sponsored by King County Library System in coordination with the PBS special on National Parks by Ken Burns. KCTS Channel 9 here near Seattle is teamed with many areas such as the KCLS to promote this time frame with subjects tied to the parks, and I'm honored to have my work with the Day Hiking series I've worked on with The Mountaineers Books the past 5 years be utilized by being asked to present!

I'm only one week away from the first of many presentations, the first being next Thursday 10/8 (see my events calendar on this blog, or view the photos part of this posting). Guess I had better start thinking about creating this presentation that I'll be using all month!

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