Sunday, September 27, 2009

America's Best Idea...our National Parks

A lot has been said in the preceding weeks about the expected greatness of Ken Burns PBS special on the National Parks. Well, this week it starts! I hope many of you find the time to maybe enjoy this six-part series on the history of our National Park Service. I certainly am looking forward to not only the historical coverage behind the human nature in us that led to what we have today, but also the great photography!

I'll start sharing soon with you the exact details

for each of the program presentations that I will be doing throughout October in coordination between PBS/KCTS and the King County Library System - check back soon for more information!

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  1. I caught Part 6 of Ken Burns series the other night and was absolutely captivated by the in-depth story. I'm also proud to say my 3 and 6-year old kids fell asleep an hour into it (understand it started a half hour PAST their bedtime!) They were excited to see many of the places they have been, as well as all the wildlife. I can think of much worse shows for them to fall asleep to ;)

    Thanks for giving the series a plug, Alan. I hope to do so soon as well on my blog. It's a can't miss series for anyone even remotely interested in the outdoors and, not only the history of our national parks, but the people and decisions that shaped them and made them what they are today.

    Don Geyer