Monday, October 12, 2009

So how did I get tied to infectious diseases?

One of the things that will always amuse me as a photographer is how many different ways my photographs can end up being used. In particular it is so much fun to see just how many unique clients might find value in my work - even if the image doesn't seem to have anything in common with the subject! Case in point is another photo usage that will happening in December 2009 for the 25th Annual Infectious Disease Conference. Last year my Christmas time image of the Space Needle was used as part of the program cover for this annual conference held by Providence Hospital-Everett Medical Center. While I'd love to have the ability to get a microscope and start photographing the cool looking blob of germs that I'm tied to, I'll enjoy another photo use like last year as part of their conference in 2009 coming up. And maybe someday I'll learn about micro-photography at the REALLY tiny level!
(photo: cover of the 2008 conference program)

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