Sunday, October 4, 2009

Will "The Kid" return?

A great day at the ballpark! Months ago I got tickets to be at Safeco Field for the last game of the season. It is such an excellent event to be there as the season winds down as the players take their time leaving the stadium. But this year was extra special as it "might" have been the last day of Ken Griffey Jr.'s hall-of-fame career, and what a day it was! Standing ovations for every at-bat, a last at-bat base hit for him, massive ovations for him, massive ovations as Felix Hernandez pitched his last effort to prove himself worthy of Cy Young Award consideration with a 19-5 record and 2.49 ERA, and then the after-game party.

The players proceeded to circle the stadium thanking the fans for a great year, tossing everything from batting gloves to helmets to even socks up to the fans. Then players hoisted Griffey and Ichiro up and carried them off the field like riding a chariot. It was special seeing a good 15,000 fans still in the fun of things some 30 minutes after the last pitch of the game was tossed.

Best thing yet? Only a little over four months until Spring Training 2010 baby!!

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  1. What an incredible experience that must have been. But equally incredible are your photographs from the event - fantastic! "Griffey and the Moose" and "Powered by Yunker" should be extremely marketable images. And imagine the joy you will experience in showing Christopher a publication from your special event. Not if, but when.