Friday, September 4, 2009

Racoon stampede...or how to enjoy baby animals

It was a calm morning today and I hardly was awake enough to pay attention to what was happening outside. Lucky for me a family member was paying attention and while eating his breakfast yelled out, "Something is crawling down that tree!". Sure enough, not only was he right, but right x 3! A raccoon family had just scrambled up into a cedar tree, two adults and one adorable 2009 baby. While we watched them go up a bit and then come right back down it was fun to watch the antics of them either trying to find a nice area on our property to "roost" in a tree for the day or keep checking if I actually had any food in a local bird feeder.

After enjoying watching them a few minutes I went outside to photograph them and that is when the young one was showing it wasn't quite as agile in tree climbing quickly as its parents. The two adults were at the bottom of the tree while the little one wanted to go down but was clearly worried about my being nearby. After seeing this, I headed back photos are worth risking putting undo pressure on a species, and simple raccoons are no different. By the time I was back in and looking out the window where the others were watching, the baby showed it knew how to do thing - zoom, down the tree and off the family went together! A great start to a great day.

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