Thursday, September 24, 2009

More of the same - great peak tagging in the South-Central Cascades!

Back at it again with Dennis! Just a few days after our last trip we headed back to the exact same region SE of Greenwater to explore not two, but this time three peaks up the FR 70 territory! Three great hikes, one stellar fall hiking day in the warm sun while the lowlands were socked in under the marine layer of fog/clouds that we could see all day. Raptors soared past us on the summit of Colquhoun Peak at this former lookout site.

We enjoyed hitting the PCT a mile high at 5220’ Windy Gap and zip south, around, and then up Pyramid Peak where the spectacular rocky summit area surprised and delighted us.
Then we cruised more forest service roads to a ridge we eyeballed early in the morning from Colquhoun which we declared needed roaming. Soon we found ourselves in alpine delight with late afternoon light as we strolled and grunted along Sawmill Ridge! Is there anything wrong with a nap at 4:00pm? I should say not, and to that, what another great day it was in the South-Central Cascades!


  1. Alan you dog! That peak has long been on my hit list! We'll have to put it in a book!

  2. Ha to you Craig! Finally snuck one in on you!

    That's the purpose of these hikes - great book material! And, it is simply a very underapprecaited part of the Cascades that I really enjoy. Great areas up there!