Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

They joy of what my mother (and father) brought to the table of life for me cannot be even hinted at in words. Joy. Love. Faith. Trust. Caring. Choices. Advise. As an adult I now reflect on the many things they did which were for me to learn from, choose wisely from, and brought me in many ways to where I am today where my own choices as an adult, choices to be extremely responsible for my own well being and actions, show how I want to be represented. Heck, had my Mom not allowed me a chance to play with her old Kodak Brownie B&W camera as a kid on the big farm we grew up on in Oregon, I might never had grown to love photography as a format that I loved sharing my vision through!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone who has their Mom to hug or a memory of their Mom to cherish.
(photo: what more lovely wildflower in Washington State to share to my Mom than the rare Tweedy's lewisia!)

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