Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wildlife awareness far beyond the Pacific Northwest

Making a helpful impact protecting a species or pocket of nature in this wonderful natural world of ours is so rewarding personally in my photography. Making just one more person aware of their surroundings and how positive that is on their lives? That is when I feel success has been achieved! This also can extend far beyond the borders of "my own backyard" of the Pacific Northwest. One recent example is my efforts in helping Ontario Nature, a spectacular organization of Ontario, Canada who recently helped set in place protection of virtually millions of acres of boreal forest in Eastern Canada. One species which benefits tremendously is the Woodland Caribou and I was honored to have my image used as part of a promotion fund raising note-card set last year. Finally I have a copy of it and I was quite happy to enjoy it!

I urge you to appreciate organizations such as Ontario Nature and all of the hard work they are doing around the globe - it is worth your applause to them!

(photo: Ontario Nature mailer card featuring Woodland Caribou photographed near Kootenay Pass, B.C. Canada)

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