Saturday, February 14, 2009

This is all I have to show for my swan photo day...

There you have it. Corn stubble. Some mud. swans. I took a moment today to go see what was new with the Trumpeter Swans in the Snoqualmie Valley. Came home with great photos of...corn stubble. Seems my swans were playing games with me today, the rascals! I did see some of the flock of >150 that I watched just four days ago finally - too bad they were in a field distant to me where I'd need about a 7,200mm bazooka size lens to see the white dots!

Oh well, this is a good story for anyone interested. So many people think how easy it might be "to be me" and just to be able to roam out and get photos whenever I desire. Today is much more common than the days I **DO** get home with great images! But it's part of what makes this so much fun. It takes planning, challenging fun, and knowing the environment I'm heading out to work in to know what I might be able to find or chase down in the first place. The more you know, the less "luck" it takes! still come away empty handed many times. after this blown attempt, I did get out before sunset and photograph a few scenes from a special vantage point on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail of Mount Si and neat clouds over the Snoqualmie River. I'll take what I got and call it good enough for today!

photos: (1)stunning beauty of...corn stubble; (2)Mount Si and clouds reflecting in the Snoqualmie River.

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