Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day, 2009 remembered

What more could a person say today than to just look at our American flag and take a moment to think. Think about what people before us have done to protect what America is. Think about all of those men and women who today are sacrificing their time, their energies, and even sadly, their lives, to make our country the most special on earth. We are blessed with freedom and many wonderful choices in life and we owe everyone who has served this great nation supportive thoughts every day.

I hope you take a moment to do that and let someone know you appreciate what they have done and are doing for your country.
(photos: farmer's decorated barn in the Kittitas Valley, WA ; wind-swept American flag during snowstorm along the Fall City riverfront)


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  2. Nice tribute Alan-and yes, we do live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth past and present-but it has come at a lot of sacrifice. Thanks to all of our brave men and women who have served this nation.

  3. Thanks Craig - yes, doesn't it just humble you sometimes thinking how great things are for us when thinking about what all has gone in behind making it this way? Wow....