Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bring on the tugboats

As a child I sure had a fascination with tugboats. Sure, I had a fascination about trains and stuff too! But I remember how thrilled I was to count the tugboats I'd see on the Columbia River when we would do a family trip up the Columbia River Gorge to The Dallas to see relatives over the holidays sometimes. I thought they were so cool and still do! I've had a few chances to photograph them over the past few years in Puget Sound when out on a ferry or other boat. Now my childhood fascination can be enjoyed yet again after seeing one of my images of a lovely tug passing by the front of the Space Needle in Seattle being used in the just released 2010 Tugboats calendar. It was a pleasure to work with Capt. Tom McCall in New York who put this together and I'm excited to get my copies soon! You can see it as well as purchase it here at - enjoy!
(photo: tugboat on Puget Sound passing in front of the Space Needle and the Seattle waterfront)


  1. Excellent news - congratulations Alan!

  2. Pipe organs, tugboats...why am I bothering taking nature photos any more for sales? :)

    Thanks for noticing Don!