Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some lazy beach time on Maui

While away recently for a week stay on Maui, I didn't let myself sit around too much. I hung around a lot for a family wedding related things and then when not doing that I was certainly not about to spend my time just sitting still on the beach! I had many things I wanted to see, and in upcoming posts here will enjoy sharing the specific areas on Maui that I really enjoyed in my limited time, very limited amount of planning time to figure out when and where to go!

But, I did kick around by the resort and beach in my evening time a lot which was a lot of fun, watching the masses of people enjoy that time of day for themselves as well. Time to start finally looking at photos taken on a few of my day-trips around on the island!


  1. Nice photos Alan! The first one is a classic. Someday I hope I can shoot that classic! ;)

  2. Thanks! I'm so frustrated I haven't had a chance to edit over most of what I shot - not to mention even look at it! Soon...very soon. You get that Hawaii fix someday mister. I just might have to go back too :)