Monday, May 3, 2010

There's moss in that there forest...and waterfalls...and good friends

What a joy it was recently the past few days to escape for a much needed mental break from stressful recent times and not only get outdoors, but have it turn out to be a new trail for me which was one of the best new additions for me in some time, all while shared with great friends. Karen Sykes, Bob, and myself headed SE down SR-410 from Enumclaw into the White River Valley and thoroughly enjoyed hours of hiking up the Palisades Trail. Moss covering every rock, maple tree branch, even cliffs covered with moss alongside of waterfalls. Huge old growth trees, calypso orchids growing out of the forest floor moss, western trilliums, yellow violets, spooky views from atop the palisade cliffs,

even getting into a dusting of snow still on the ground once above 4000' elevation.

This area is such prime early season hiking as it never has as much snow as the areas in the Central Cascades, and the southern exposure always melts the snowpack off sooner. Karen, Bob, and myself shared hours of stories and ideas all while we strolled the 9 miles of hiking we did and dozens of photos we took. What a great day! A sure thing bet this trail is in the next edition of the Day Hiking books as well as other projects I'm working on.

Thanks for a great day in the mountains, Karen & Bob!


  1. Wow, there's a trail you haven't been on? Lovely green shades in those photos.

  2. Ya, of course there is a trail...and hundreds others I've yet to scoop! That is why I love living here...3 hours away from ocean, desert, alpine meadows, glaciers, mediteranian beaches and the puget sound? It's heaven on earth!

    I've only hiked ~15 times in the North Cascades, only 5 times in the Olympics - I have so much to enjoy in my elderly years :) And a few here and there in the next 12 months!