Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Shoe Tree

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog series of visits to natural areas in Central Oregon with this stunning sighting: The Shoe Tree! There, somewhere randomly driving US 97 between the booming metro areas of Central Oregon such as Shaniko and Moro...coming around a bend in the highway climbing to a small gap/pass, there it flew by my sights out on the east side of the highway. I almost went off the road trying to slow down as I realized what it was!

I have no clue how many months or years this tree has stood here ornamented with literally hundreds of pairs of shoes that have been tied together and tossed up into every imaginable limb of this dead snag, the only tree around as far as you could see. It was indeed a smile-inducing moment! What fun. I bet I spent 15 minutes here along the pull-out just looking it over.

OK, tomorrow it's back to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument with more roaming and much hiking that took place on day three of my trip!


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  2. Yep, I sure did spend that time there and I wish you'd of seen the tree on your trip there too! It was really cool - looked like golf shoes were popular, as were Nike and Addidas :)

    Seriously...there was nothing in eyesight other than rolling hills of green, then this tree.

  3. Removed comment:

    "Wow. I missed that during my visit. But 15 minutes? Seriously?"