Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fuller Mountain - a mossy kind of trail overlooked by most

Yesterday dawned as a day due to be bright, sunny, and lacking rain. Like many days of this past winter! So having a chance to fit in a day on the trail to get to a needed area for future projects I loaded my gear, cameras, and border collie to enjoy a quick 3+ hour hike up Fuller Mountain in the Snoqualmie Forest lands of Hancock Timber NE of the Snoqualmie Valley.

We crossed Ten Creek just fine on the footlog that still stands after all these years. Funny now how my dog runs across it and even I have to take it easy - silly dog! She is the smartest Bauer family member and she knows it. The trail isn't as "faint" as I remember it to be, but still in 2 rocky scree crossings the trail is basically "lost" and you just have to be smart about knowing where it would come out on the other side - not a lot of places to look to find it if you are "lost" as the trail is on a steep mountainside! The mossy viewpoint at the summit area (not the actual summit but with in 5' elevation of being the top) was a great lunch, and then my wonder dog hiker buddy and me headed back out. Much to do - lunch, yard, kids, and Little League!

A great day....


  1. Lucky you to get out on such a lovely day Alan. I'm going to have to find a way to one-up you in the coming week. ;)

  2. It was a great hike and only 25 minutes from my driveway! I love little hikes like this more and more - they are very special to me.

    Don - yeah, like you can't one-up me by taking off to the CA desert for 10 days? You might as well give up now then! :)