Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks for making the Holiday Market a success!

What a great day it was Saturday and I appreciate each and every one of you who came by the annual Holiday Market and took the time to come stop by my table and display! The enthusiasm from everyone who came was addicting and I was honored to have many surprise visitors come by as well - it was wonderful! Many note cards, many books and prints later, I packed up and left feeling so lucky to have this opportunity to share and be a part of the community around me. Thank you everyone, both those local as well as those who came from outside of the Valley to enjoy the day.


  1. Nice set up there Alan! Sorry I couldn't come by and say 'hi' due to my own commitments.

  2. We really enjoyed stopping by for a mini-visit and to see your wonderful photographs. Our only complaint is that the place was so hard to find!!


  3. Don - thanks! Ya, it was too bad neither of us could drop in on the other. But it was fun trying to chat on the phone during the day! Too bad I couldn't hear my silly phone when it rang when you called those times. Sigh.

    Karen - it was SO GREAT seeing you and Bob! Now you have been successful in finding the most difficult to locate school in the district! :) Hope the rest of your day out here was a pleasure.

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